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Let go: Schroeder and Doute were fired over the summer after Stowers publicized their false police reports The two reality stars claimed she looked like a photo of the suspect and reported her to West Hollywood police repeatedly, including when they knew Stowers would be at clubs or other public events. The two even bragged about having called the police on Schroeder's B***h Bible podcast and complained when no action was taken. Stowers claimed that the allegations followed her since departing Vanderpump Rules in season four, and she was asked during auditions if she had ever drugged someone, stolen things or if she had any warrants out for her arrest. 'That's when I was like "Something's not right, I'm getting asked this too much,"' Stowers,' she told Insider . 'Someone actually sent me the B***h Bible podcast. [...] I listened to it, and I was mortified. My family heard it, and they were mortified.' Schroeder and Doute were fired over the summer from Vanderpump Rules for making the false police reports. Inspired: Stowers' series will be modeled after Vanderpump Rules and focus on a Black-owned clothing business In 2014, Menounos was the subject of her own reality series, Chasing Maria Menounos.  The show visit this link was broadcast on the Oxygen network for a single season.  Menounos has been in a decades-long relationship with Undergaro dating back to 1998. In 2016, he proposed to her on The Howard Stern Show, and the two had a widely publicized wedding on New Year's Eve in Times Square.