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The burned-out building owned by Ivan Kriger is seen in this February 2018 photo. By July of that year, a crew had demolished it, but Kriger now faces insurance fraud claims tied to its removal.   (JESSE TINSLEY) Ivan Kriger, owner of the property at 3011 E. Wellesley Ave. in click here! Hillyard, was charged in October following an investigation by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s Criminal Investigations Unit. Kriger took out an insurance policy the same day the fire leveled the building, Nov. 7, 2017, according to court records, and sought $324,000 in damages. The claim was denied because he didn’t have coverage at the time of the fire. The property’s assessed value that year was $202,000. Kriger also refused to pay for the asbestos cleanup that the Spokane Clean Air Agency ordered after the building’s destruction . Fire investigators said they believed it was set by homeless occupants trying to stay warm.


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